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One of the most ancient instruments of Africa, the mbira, is now plugged in!  I introduced the Embira™ solid-body electric mbiras in 1996, after years of researching and designing, and dreaming of amplifying the instruments I’d been making since 1981.

These new models feature an electric transducer pickup for the cleanest sound over the widest range of notes on any thumb piano available, with no distortion!



The Embira™ plugs into any sound system or digital effects set-up for an amazing range of tones, both percussive and melodic.  Available in Poplar, Ash, or Walnut bodies with select hardwood tops, and a wide range of custom options.  See the Product Details.

Easy to hold, play and tune, these are an exciting addition to many kinds of music.  Acoustic electrics are also available with unique gourd resonators and custom designs.  Please contact me to discuss these.

There are 4 main larger body styles, and some unique smaller shapes as well. Each has a tunable, adjustable keyboard, 1/4" jack, strap buttons, display stand, and various options. Click the images to see the enlarged view.

  • Bodies of the Embiras™ are available with Poplar, Ash, Mahogany, Walnut and Cherry.

  • A variety of domestic and exotic hardwoods is available.  Please inquire as to price and availability. Some of the woods I use include Cherry, Maple, Walnut, Lacewood, Padauk, Bubinga, Zebrawood and Koa.


“The Embira™ allows me to explore melodic and textural sounds I previously only
dreamed of. “  

Tom Teasley, Percussionist, World Music Artist


“I use my Embira™ on a variety of projects, both live and in the studio, with stunning results” 

- Chris Grainger, SCHFViLKUS


“Your Embira™ has found its way into almost every one of my concerts this year. The electronic dimensions have opened up countless new performance possibilities for me.”

- Richard Grimes, Percussionist


“Lucinda is the only creator of these marvelous instruments! Beautiful in both sound and form, they exist nowhere else on earth!”

- Essra Mohawk, hit Songwriter and
former member of
Frank Zappa’s 
Mothers of Invention

Thunder' biraTM




Embira Muse

EmbiraTM Muse
Padauk & Quilted Maple top
with inlaid stripes, Ash body


Thunder'bira Embira

Thunder'bira EmbiraTM
Figured Walnut on Walnut Burl body


Current Inventory and Pricing

Please see the most recent additions below, as my inventory is always changing. Click to see enlargement.

Big Ankh

Big Ankh

This is The HEAVY METAL Embira™  
of all time!

Cherry PIC



Map Pad

Maple Padauk

Curly Koa Ancestor


Zeb Pyramid

Wenge Maple

Zeb Pyramid

Padauk Stripe


Maple Walnut Star


Walnut Malachite

Ankh Embira

Wenge Ankh

Zeb Pyramid

Lacewood Jasper

Oak Muse

Oak Muse

Zeb Pyramid

Zebrawood Pyramid

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